How do we do things and what do you think we could help you with 

All projects completed by Ashbaugh Aerial are executed with safety being the number one priority, providing peace of mind to the client as well as for ourselves. We have a general outline of services provided below, but very few jobs are outside our abilities. We hope to branch off of your creativity and produce something you had always imagined. We encourage our clients to discover new and creative ways to use aerial media, and how to present it to better their customers. We look forward to servicing your needs and make life long friends rather than just clients.

All images captured are edited for clarity, as well as color correction being completed at this time. The project when completed will be electronically available for six month or longer with a provided link to be shared with the client and whomever they see fit. We provide best in class flexibility in both scheduling and project completion being at the discretion of the client. All Images are delivered in .jpg format, and videos in .mp4. Video editing is also available for many of our projects but we also serve as a raw media collection service.